Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Nothing much intriguing happening around these parts besides just work and more work at the moment. Jamie has been working himself to the bone doing change overs for the new crew of college students moving into the apartments, ie: repainting, replacing carpet, cleaning, and just fixing anything needing to be fixed. All this happens between the hours of: early in the morning until the weeee hours of the night. Not to much longer and he will be finished and can take a breather for a little bit. (Vacation to the beach would be nice.. wink, wink.)
I started selling homes as one of the exclusive agents in a new community a couple of weeks called StoneCreek. It is the 1900's bungalow style home with real leaded glass windows, hand tappered columns, coffered ceilings, antique fixtures, 1x4 molding, and stone fronts...just a unique style of a home. It is selling very well even in this market we are currently in. There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon!!

A much deserved moment of relaxation!

After a week full of work, Jamie and Zac headed to the lake on Saturday for a little bit of relaxation. After I finished up working I headed to the lake for pizza and a little rejuvenation myself. There was a slight breeze and just the right weather to sit outside and bask in the beauty of God's creation. The sun was setting, the boys were swimming, and I was able to just sit and relax.