Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Care??

                  Doggie Day Care to be exact.
                    ~The Three Musketeers~  

             pure bliss.  curiosity.  crazy anxiety. 

Brodie. Mr. High Anxiety himself. Loves to retrieve a tennis ball, barks at anything that slightly moves, points at random squirrels, and tries to catch any fluffy cats that come in the backyard.

Princess Miley. Ms. Diva. Prissy and sassy.
Loves anything to do with water especially swimming in the pool, loves loves to eat, and has her way with driving the boys crazy.

Sam. The calm and collected one that tends to entertain himself with chewing plastic cups and large bones, chasing tennis balls, and occasionally joins in with the other twos crazy doggy antics

There is just so much to do at Doggie Day Care. Chew up the grill cover into little tiny pieces, fall into the pool with the cover still on, dig up each and every plant in the backyard, chew the new cushions on the back deck, take turns diving into the baby pool full of water, run in circles around the pool, sun themselves, roll in the dirt right after it rains, have snack time, and terrorize the cats.

Each has their own personality, and mischief is constantly the word of the day.  Gotta love those little muts of ours.

 Everyday is a crazy day, but a good day!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peace Like a River

I know I have mentioned having the baby fever...
It is serious...very serious
I think I may need to talk to Jamie
Yeah...for sure. 

Courtney:  "Jamie, I think Brodie needs a sibling to play with and love on and spend all his time laying on top of to give my ribs a break from being smooshed.  What do you think?"

Jamie: "Is that right? What kind of German Shorthair puppy would you like? A male or female?? I hear the females are really loving. Brodie would be ecstatic!"

Courtney:  " a for real live baby, that cries, and poops, and sleeps alot.

 Jamie:  "Have you seen Rivers lately... she is really cute and sweet and loving... you may need to call Christina."

Courtney:  "For serious!"

Jamie:  "Can they wear camo and pink if it is a girl, and go hunting and fishing, and can Brodie sleep in their bed when they get older??

Courtney:  "YES, that way Brodie doesn't sleep on me!!!"  "See, all of our problems are solved!"

Whew~glad we got that settled!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday Boy

My boy turns the big "29" today. 

It is a joyous occasion filled with a birthday song before you even make it out of bed, going out to eat for breakfast, and family over for dinner tonight.  Ice cream cake is a must for my rugged outdoorsy fisherman.  It is his favorite.   

Almost at the BIG "30"  Whew.. So much to do and so little time to soak it all up.  
Fish on my handsome fisherman, fish on.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.  You deserve a great day with everything your heart desires. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This morning, was like non other.  It is Mother's Day!  I woke up and rolled over and my little munchkins wet nose was protruding into my pillow and his paw flung across my chest as to snuggle with me.  Not just snuggle, but practically lay on top of me.  He is not content to be just pressed up against me, but his face has to literally be nussled up against mine usually sharing 3/4 of my pillow.  The whole ~here is your line in the bed, and here is my line~just goes flying out the window.
Did I mention that he has allergies-yes, you will wake early in the mornings with his snorting and weasing, and just when he manages to wiggle his way from my feet to my head, he will then, and only then, proceed to sneeze all over me.  That is Brodie....enough said.
Happy Mother's Day.

I am right there with you mothers.  Getting any "me" time is such a stretch and can be very trying.  We have to plan our priorities and make sure our time is used wisely and that family time is where our main focus should be.
~Cook dinner for Jamie and Brodie, get water from the tub (only the bathtub!), bath time, go TT, snuggle time/family time on the couch, go TT, bark at the next door neighbors terrier, chew a bone, get some water, help with laundry(better yet, chewing the laundry), paw at the broom as I sweep the floor, bedtime on his throne in the bedroom, 11:00 pm wake up to go TT, get more water, 3:00 am-get more water, 5:30 am go TT again, 6:30 family snuggle time in bed, wipe myself off from being sneezed on, 7:30 breakfast, load up for doggie day care 8:00 am., snack time with Aunt Lacey 12:00, pick him up from Doggie Day Care 6:00pm.  And the process just repeats itself...~

I know what you are thinking, just wait until she has number two!
Whew...How do us Mother's handle it??

It has been worth it for sure to be a mom to my little 1.5 yr. old pupster.  A lot has changed since he was a puppy and I wanted to literally take him back to where we got him after he TT'd on my carpet and Pottery Barn rug for the 1,000 time, until now, many can say I have come a long way.  Brodie brings out the best in me.  Now once he gets my dishtowel for the 1 billionth time and runs behind the couch, I now say "come" and he sashays his way over to me and drops it at my feet with pride.. "look mom, I was obedient, what kind of treat and I going to get"  
He gets the treat of not getting his behind spanked for taking my towel for the billionth time since he brought it back to me.  Yes, I have come along way.

We have experienced many things together, like his 1st birthday party.  What great mom doesn't make you a monogrammed t-shirt, and bakes you cupcakes.  We have also been fishing together, and learned to quail hunt, ride with the window down in the car, learned to retrieve balls off the pier, and we are working on getting along with cats, and calming our anxiety levels just a tad. 

Being a mom has been very rewarding I have to say.  It definitely teaches you patience and that small things are just small things not mountains.  I think it is sweet that he is a mommas boy and loves to snuggle and gets slightly jealous if I pay more attention to anyone else but him.  What would life be like without my little ball of fur.  He is turning the terrible 2's soon, so everyone be in prayer.  
Life is good... and I am blessed.