Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quail= Anxiety

I have learned that Brodie definitely takes after me in many ways. Little high maintenance, long legged, and has bad anxiety. When Brodie gets excited that excitement quickly escalates and anxiety comes in full force.

We went quail hunting a few weekends ago and as soon as we hit the dirt road the whining, begging, barking, more whining, screeching, some sounds that came from his scrawny body I can't even explain. His excitement/anxiety level went from a 1 to a 20 in 2 seconds flat. He knew what was out there.... birds...Quail to be exact... and that was pure bliss for this pupster.

For the next several hours he pointed out bird after bird. To a him, this was the equivalent of winning a lifetime of doggy chow.

Jamie was right up there with Brodie in excitement. This was his dream. 100 acre pasture, manicured to a T, water on the left side and woods surrounding the rest. 75 degrees, slight breeze, quail, man's best friend, and his shotgun over his shoulder.

Jamie taught Brodie to point when he found the birds...

Retrieve them...

and Drop them at his feet... much to our dismay, against Brodie's will.

We were not the only lucky couple to go on the hunting extravanganza. Zac and Lacey were right there with us with their two pupsters, Sam and Miley.

This chicky isn't shy. She has her pink and brown just like she likes it and shooting birds is her thang! She is darn good at it too.
For me personally, I just try to take pictures and not get shot myself. (Do you know how intimidating it is to have 4 people with guns on their shoulders and me walking around with my camera in my own little world-amazing I wasn't shot!)

Miley was a shinning star at only 6 months old. She and the quail became one. They are now BFF. The quail may not think so, but she sure does.

Good ol' Sam.

Brodie definitely got the energy out of his system. He slept the whole next day to recover from all the intensity.

He is such a bouncy little thing when he gets excited, but at night he sure is cuddly. Just like I like him...It was a good day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthday=Big Banner

When you want to go BIG for Van Comer's birthday making a banner to stretch across the living room wall just does not seem to do it justice!

That is the benefit to living in the "country"
We have railroad crossing that seem like the perfect place for a birthday banner!

who knew that a long roll of masking tape and a few pieces of bright colored paper would make your birthday wishes shine!

sad. but dad had to cook his own birthday dinner. He left me cooking for a total of 5 minutes, and I think I singed my eyebrows with the fire. FYI. do not stick your face that close to the flames to see if the hamburgers are burnt or crispy burnt. Just take them off. Thank goodness he finished cooking.

He just does it so much better.

Happy "25th" Birthday Dad. again. :)