Saturday, February 28, 2009


There many things in my life that bring me such incredible joy, one of which is being the Chapter Advisor for the Phi Mu Chapter at the University of Montevallo. What an absolute honor it is to be able to guide such young impressionable women in the process of learning and growing into beautiful Ladies! This gives me an outlet from work and every other part of my life to channel my energy into these women.

This past weekend was the leadership conference in Macon, GA. Phi Mu was founded in 1852 in Macon, GA., so we were overly excited because Phi Mu just built our new National Headquarters there and after the conference we had the opportunity to take a tour and see alll the history behind an organization that I am proud to say I am apart of. My grandmother was a Phi Mu and the president of her chapter, as was I, so walking through the Headquarters made something rise up in me that made me proud to say I was a legacy and apart of something bigger than I can comprehend. I wish my grandmother could have been there with me! She would have loved it.

This is our New President and Vice President of our Chapter. I am very proud of these women for stepping up and taking that huge responsibility!

Our brand new Phi Mu Headquarters! Isn't it beautiful.

And... of course, the trip would not have been complete without seeing a PINK Phi Mu golf cart. Yes, people, it is the little things in life that simply make me squeal! :)

The headquarters foyer! And again, we held up traffic, tours, other women squealing, just to sit and take photos with our letter that are etched into the marble floor! Seriously!?

Is it a scary thought that I was in charge of this weekend to anyone else... slightly frightening to me..but, we all survived, had McDonald's ice cream, jumped on the beds, scattered clothes everywhere, had little to no breakfast, spent money on Phi Mu paraphernalia we didn't really need, & drank tons of coffee to cover the circles under my eyes from the lack of sleep . Overall, I feel like it was a huge success! :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have been trying to come up with pictures that allow me to keep my title of "A Country Girls Perspective" so I am posting pictures of our ever consuming hobby of skeet shooting! YEAH! Just call me a wanna be country girl with a camera.

Jamie's incredibly cute, adventuresome, outdoor lovin', could be twins with my husband, anything trying, little sister went skeet shooting with us last week. For Serious: They are definitely made out of the same mold in more ways than I have room to write. She is a minnie me girl version of Jamie, and I would say that is a compliment seeing how wonderful my handsome hunter is!

All this to say we took Lacey and Will to the hunting club to shoot skeet and well... anything we thought would be ok to use as poor target practice. Lacey is amazing with a gun! I am very proud to call her my sister :)

Will was laying on the ground shooting at some targets on the hill, and so I thought it would be fun to lay on the ground behind him and get some cool angles of him shooting. This gun discharges the shells sooooo incredibly fast it took me forever to get this shot, but I think it was pretty cool after all was said and done. Way to go Will!

Lacey is such a girly girl, but camo lovin', cowboy boot wearin', hunter.. and proud of it.

She shot a bird and Brodie would have none of that! He wanted the bird first! I love this kongfu karate kick to keep Brodie off of her. It was way funnier than it looks.. I guess you had to be there.

Imagine this if you will. Very fine dirt that blows in the wind, and smooches under your feet, large pool of water and a very hot, thirsty, dog. This makes the muddiest mess you could ever imagine! It is like his eyes just lit up when he saw this water and bolted for the pond. Fast forward about 20 mins. after his rondavue in the water, we went for a ride in the jeep around the hunting club...guess who got to hold him??? ME! :)

The two siblings made from the same mold. What a great day!

Family Photos

My brother, David, called one afternoon and said he was being featured in the Calera Monthly for his job and needed a photo of the family together and doing what they do best. I was lucky enough to be able to snap a few photos for them. I particularly love this picture because I think it really captivates them as individuals and as a couple. One, David is sporting his Alabama gear (for all of you who know him, he is a huge Alabama fan), on the four wheeler(which he loves being adventuresome on), and has the two sweet labs with them, Jackson and Stoner. Christina, well, without words is just amazingly sweet and wonderful; David definitely married out of his league!

Skeet Shooting

This post is very late, but I guess better late than never. Some how, not really sure how, I had two Saturday's in a row off....WAA HOOO!!!! I definitely took advantage of this and wanted to do something fun. Jamie suggested we go to my parents house and shoot skeet with Zac and Jennifer. WAA HOO!!! Let me preface this by saying I am not good at skeet shooting, but loved being behind the camera and taking pictures. YEPPPIEEE.... Maybe I have just not been out much lately. Who knows, but I was all excited about taking the the "twins" as my dad calls Jamie and Zac, and the brothers "Brodie and Sam", and of course the beautiful, ever tolerating, and adventurous women.. Me and Jennifer. :) I had to throw that in.

These are some fun pictures of the day. There are several I know, but I could not just pick a couple, so I did LOTS!!

This shot of Jamie I tried and tried again to get the shell coming out of the gun and finally did it. He is just such a good marksman... makes a womans heart melt everytime!! Ok.. maybe just mine.

The "Twins", and their canine best friends, Brodie and Sam. This is them doing what they do best.

If I had to give awards, this would be the most impressive woman shooting ever, and I have to say this was my most favorite picture from the day! Let me brag on Zac's girlfriend Jennifer for a min... she actually hit 3 of the skeet as they were flung through the air into oblivion! Are you kidding me! Actually being able to follow the skeet and see where it landed was a task for me, much less add a gun, aiming, and actual good shooting to the mix...very impressive. She gets my stamp of approval for Zac :)

Why I am obsessed with dogs sticking their tongues out, I have no idea. Maybe it is a sickness, or maybe it is just so darn cute when they roll their tongue. You know you are thinking to yourself, can I do this?? You are probably trying it right now aren't you!? Yeah!

Again, this is funny to me... probably not to anyone else, but we WORE Brodie out! He was panting like no other after he ran that pasture 100's of times over.

My handsome hunter man and my cute furry friend/son, Brodie. There is something about this that just makes me want to run over and tackle them with love and tons of kisses. Love these boys!

The cute couple-Zac and Jennifer

This was my unbelievable lapse of memory into what in the world was I thinking trying to skeet shoot. I am much better behind the camera. It was interesting to say the least. I get the all infamous "At least you tried award"

This is my parents dog, Jackson. He loved playing with the brothers. Jackson is like 12 or something like that, and the brothers are 6 months old. I will say that Jackson held up very well with all the wrestling, jumping, and playing.

What an exciting and fun filled day!! To see more pictures click here.