Monday, January 19, 2009

Photo Session

Brodie's 5 Month Old Photo Session :)

I know you are all thinking I am crazy... probably so. Crazy about my little Brodie! Maybe it is a sickness, or maybe I am putting off the inevitable chores of the day- cooking- cleaning, or maybe I just have nothing better to do with my time when I get home from work, or maybe he just simply captivates me when he gives me looks like this... yeah... just maybe. I think it may be the latter one.

Brodie would not pay attention to me trying to take his sweet photo, so I took his bone away. This is the look I got. He definitely pitched a tantrum and sulked. What kind of puppy parent takes their bone away to take a photo!?? Seriously!

So...being as sweet as I am, I had to give it back.

Life was worth living again, joy filled the room, and he went into a frenzy of blissful puppy dreams! I was the hero!

This was Brodie's reward. His absolute favorite thing to do:

Cuddle and give sweet puppy kisses.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

After playing and adding some fun things to my blog I figured I would add some links to my blog that will allow you view other aspects into my life. I added a link to the right hand side under My Favorite Sites that will allow you to look at photos that I take and upload to Picasa Web Albums. I update this site pretty frequently. So please visit and enjoy :)

I also put a link to my real estate webpage. This will allow you to preview most of the listings that I have on the market. If you, a friend or family member would like to know more about our current market or preview more homes that are on the market please feel free to go to my website and register and I will be glad to send you that information. There are several of my listings that are not on my site that I co-list. They only allow the listings to show up on one website and if my listing partner was on the listing first then they do not show up on my webpage... bummer!

Anyway...this wanna be country girl needs to go get ready for work this week. FYI...the real estate market in Birmingham is NOT as bad as the news preceives it to be. It is by far the BEST time to purchase a home. Interest rates are down in the low to mid 4's!! That is unheard of! Contact me anytime if you or a friend are looking to buy or sell a home. I am always available to be of service :)
Have a great week!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

"Everyone gets somewhere in life, but few people get somewhere in life on purpose"

This was the topic of last weeks sermon at church and I have really mulled over this sentence the whole week. If you don't know what God's true purpose is for your life then we are just here on earth wondering aimlessly hoping to figure it out. Why am I here and what am I doing?? It made me think, what is my true purpose, and am I fulfilling that purpose daily? Am I one of those few, or do I just desire to be one of the few. This is a new year with new goals and desires and that is just plan pure exciting to think about.
I think it starts with being thankful for the wonderful things in our lives:

My sweet and wonderful husband who always provides and continues daily to by my Mr. Steady. For that I am blessed.
My family, who loves me and is proud of me for all aspects in my life. For that I am grateful.
My friendships, my wonderful supporters who walk beside me and encourage me. For that I am indebted.
For my job, the Lord has truly had his hand on me and is continuing to bless the socks off of me. For that I have no words.

All these things and SO many more blessing to look forward to. My heart is full and overflowing. Life is good with this wanna be country girl :)
Another sunset to stir my soul

Monday, January 5, 2009

Blog Changes

Hello all! I am quite sorry for changing my blog so many different times. I am just trying to find a template that fits my personality, and that my friends, is a challenge in itself. Seeing that I changed my title to "A Country Girls Perspective", and I am not really and truly a country girl, it may not fit. When I showed Jamie, his reaction was "but you are not really that Country it should say City girl"...technically I am not from the "city" does this mean I am just part of a small town from nowhere?? In my heart of hearts I am a country girl who loves to dress up and wear black high heels.. does this not make me a country?? because I could be a fun, classy country girl who married a once preppy now camouflage wearing, deer hunting cave man.. that has to count for something right??

My dream is to have a large family with barefoot children running around in a white country home with a huge front porch, a big red barn and a white picket fence with big beautiful trees over shadowing the long driveway...ok ok...yes, I did pinch myself and come back to reality. Sorry for the tangent. Anyway, it is a work in progress so just excuse the changes. I guess I am still trying to find out what I really am...anyone have any ideas??

I also know I put a LOT of pictures of Brodie on here, but I dont have children at the moment, so you have to apease me on that...I just think he is so cute :) He was 5 months old on the 1st.