Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Michael and Kathryn, our best friends who just live down the street, have been wanting to see the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. So, during the week we saw the old Batman Returns movie on t.v. and wanted to update ourselves before we saw the new Batman movie coming out. The Dark Knight was incredible! It was truly the best movie I have seen in a while. It was definitely suspenseful and Kathryn and I even had to close our eyes in a few parts. Heath Ledgers performance of the joker was frighteningly right on; almost to much into the part. He played the part to a "T"! Just thought I would say that if you haven't seen it is worth going to see if you like that type of movie. Add some popcorn and drink to the mix and it is the perfect date night!

Monday, July 28, 2008

FRESH MOUNTAIN AIR... Last weekend Lacey and Mr. Charlie went to the Deer and Turkey Expo and both bought new bows to hunt with during hunting season. On Saturday without hesitation, house cleaning was done, and thanks to Lacey inviting us to visit for some R & R and to check out their new toys, a last minute phone call to my wonderful mother in law, Mrs. Gina, and we were in the car to spend the night. So, of course, our overnight bags are quickly put in our room, and outside we go to play! Beautiful sunshine appeared and I knew this was going to be a photographic moment with everyone in such excited spirits. Mr. Charlie wanted some pictures of the golf course and the view from their house and WOW, isn't it breath taking! Much to my shock and surprise, Mr. Charlie gave me his bow that he had been using since he bought himself another one last weekend. I was stunned and so thankful! Thanks again Mr. Charlie! Now, you will probably find Jamie and I both shooting our bows together in the backyard.
Can you see the deer target? Jamie always makes a perfect shot.
Mr. Charlie's practicing with his new bow!
Much to the contrary...this is quite fun, and since working out is not my strong point, this is a great way to work my arm muscles!! Am I justifying it... who knows.
This was my favorite picture! Maybe next year I will have a real buck to show you...
We should seriously have our own family hunting show!!
(Only the Higdons: We literally got our lawn chairs and put them on the driveway, let the tailgate down with all of our equipment piled high, put the deer target up on an embankment, and played until it got dark. Such a great moment!) This weekend was filled with such fun times, laughter, late night movies, chicken fajitas, fishing, golf, bow hunting, and just being excited about life. That is truly what it is all about.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mrs. Suzzie Homemaker

Cooking has never been my strong point, but I have not given up and really tried to learn. Jamie is very patient and lets me do my thing-bless his sweet heart sometimes! :) We have both really been craving vegetables for dinner so I looked on http://www.allrecipes.com/ to find a good vegetable recipe. I came across this Winter Vegetable Hash recipe and it was absolutely delicious. I also added zucchini and then followed the recipe to a "T"; it was fabulous. Along with my vegetables we had salad, cooked peas with green beans and cornbread from scratch. My Dad gave us a new cast iron skillet that are shaped in little corn stalks. Perfect for 2. Now I have been able to break in properly and it worked great! Jamie gave me two thumbs up! YEAH!
After reading Angie's blog I had blackberry cobbler on my mind! I was dreaming about a fresh, hot, made from scratch blackberry cobbler. So... for dessert, that is what I made with ice cream on top! Our moment of eating healthy went out the window, but it was definitely for a good cause! Here is the recipe. Thanks Angie! UUMMM....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Growing up I was such the prima ballerina who was always striving to be more graceful. Not quite feeling as though I ever achieved that goal, the weeks with pink tutu's and graceful pleas were put to an end with other interest in my life, still with the same concept of loving pink and being girly, of course. I never quite looked into the future thinking I would marry a man who gets the biggest smile, picks me up and twirls me around, with me thinking he is going to express his undying love for me, and much to my surprise he wants to take me to the shooting range to get me ready for the upcoming deer season! How could I resist my rugged man that is that excited about hunting season.
It is interesting to see how the Lord opens your eyes to things in your life that you would have never given a second thought to doing. Marriage is definitely give and take, and Jamie is the rugged outdoorsman, but with a true heart of gold. He truly just loves life! But...falling in love with the rugged outdoorsman comes with a few disclaimers...ie: being o.k. with deer & turkey hunting, learning to shoot a bow and gun, fishing and learning all the flipping tricks to catch the biggest fish, and most importantly enjoying a sunset jeep ride with the top down. Defining "give and take" does not mean I have to get rid of my love of the color pink, or being girly...I just now wear pink camo! See... almost 2 years of marriage and who says I am not compromising!
This weekend I had to work, but after work I was able to join the rest of the Higdon family at the lake house for dinner, dominos and fishing off the pier. This was my first time to learn to shoot a bow. Lacey was kind enough to let me use hers. With a little more practice I will be ready for bow season. With my new cowboy boots and my pink camo I am set and ready to experience a whole new world out there. (I know my mom is dying right now thinking ..this is so not what I envisioned for her.) :) I guess I was always a country girl at heart.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Day At The Park

This was such a fun day for us! My Grandma Betty was in town visiting and I thought what a better way to have some fun than for me to take my Mom, Grandma, Paige and Mia to the park to try out my new camera lenses. I am sure Grandma loved baking in the sweltering hot sun messing up her new hair dew that she had just gotten earlier that day; not to mention where we were quietly sitting, we were viciously attacked by ducks!!! No lie, ok, not viciously attacked, but none the less, attacked! I had to shew them off, which in duck terms was not allowed!
Mia was so cooperative even though not having a nap probably put a limit to how long we played. I hear nap time is crucial!! She has just grown up so much before my eyes. Mia is turning into such a beautiful little girl. Outfit after outfit we played dress up and had a great time trying our hardest to make Mia laugh. (click here for more pictures.) I was able to see first hand just the impact of a mothers love. No matter the age, or even if you are just sitting and watching, just the presence of being there is enough.

The Short & Skinny Of It...

I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, real estate agent, and a friend just trying to express herself on this website. This should be interesting!! I say "A day in the life of Jamie and Courtney", but we all know Jamie, and he will never blog, so I will do my best to express his fun loving and witty humor for him. Love you babe! :)
To start, my life has been truly blessed. I was recently married a little over a year and a half ago to my handsome hunter, Jamie Higdon. That is what I named him, but now it really is my handsome outdoorsman! Jamie can mostly be known for his love of anything outside. Being married to Jamie has been the greatest experience I could have ever imagined and more. He truly is the best part of me and being able to love him is such an honor. O.K. enought of the mushy stuff.
A little about me...I am a real estate agent with a love for being able to be apart of some of the largest transactions most people will ever go through in their life financially. Being able to share in that experience and building lasting relationships is why I am in this dog eat dog business. I love it. Right now I am just living out my dream and continuing to learn about this never ending entity called "life."
More will come, bare with me because I am not the greatest writer, but I will try to pull back the curtain on the Higdon's life as Jamie and I know it.