Sunday, October 17, 2010



They are so smooshy, cute looking, baby powder smelling, jibber jabber talking, diaper wearing little balls of cuddliness.  You just want to pinch their cheeks at any moment.  Sweet adorable Rivers.  She is a blue eyed ball of cuddliness.  I just love her.

I had a revelation.  It came to me all of a sudden one night.  well maybe over the past several nights.  ok,possibly months now.
I am having one of these balls of cuddliness!  Excuse me while I hyperventilate for a second.  

Everyone tells me that, "it comes naturally!" "you will just know what to do once they get here!"  "just wait until you see their sweet faces, the anxiety all goes away!"
**tap-tap-tap**  is this thing on....
are you kidding me!  

I have to admit.  Having a life grow inside of you, and waiting, just waiting until the day when you get to hold them and watch them cry and eat and work to take care of the ball of cuddliness, all while enjoying this bundle of joy is just about made me hyperventilate most weeks.  ok. you got me...almost everyday. 

milk.  I crave milk.  lots of milk.  maybe with almost every meal.  
Yogurt and fruit too.  I am hungry a lot and tired alllll the time, but not sick in the least.   Jamie, my beyond sweet of sweetness of a husband is just so excited to have little cowboy boot wearing babester of our own. 
He tells me to get a milkshake and enjoy being pregnant.  :)
I am finished with my 1st trimester this week.  So technically I have 2 more trimesters to figure it all out, right??  Or, does anyone want to be a full time- live in nanny...yes, that may be a good option/possibility.  Takers, takers..anyone.  

Oh my goodness I am hyperventilating again.  

I am off to read another baby book :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes life just happens...

Life happens sometimes at what seems like the most in opportune times.  always.

So, it all started back in July.  
I went to the Phi Mu National Convention in Pheonix, Arizona for 5 days.  I think I cried everyday because I missed Jamie and Brodie so bad.  I am a sap.  I know!  Ok, really I just worried of what my two boys would be getting into.  Brodie was probably using my pillow as a doggie bed I just know it.

We stayed at The Biltmore.  It was absolutely beautiful.  My lemonade melted walking from my room to the conference room because it was 118 degrees!!  For the love of all that is good this world.  My hair had seen better days.  enough said.

I had the privilege to travel on this trip with the Phi Mu president of the Montevallo chapter, Kathryn.  We became close.  I also taught her not to eat the $15 M&M peanuts out of the room mini fridge.  I treated her to pizza instead :)

While I was on this trip to the hottest part of the US it seemed, I received a call from my office with an agent wanting to show our house.  slight freak out moment happened for sure.  I am not home.  Jamie is in charge...Brodie is loose...choas my be happening without my approval!  
We got a contract on our home.  I negotiated this in the 10 min breaks we had between meetings.  
I wanted to be excited, and cry all at the same time!

We had to find a home and pronto!
Jamie and I thought we found the house we would be in for years to come.  I could already picture our kids riding their bikes down the street.  3 bedroom, 2 bath, formal dining room, 3 car garage, screened in porch, and a full unfinished basement on 3.5 acres in Chelsea.  We were getting a phenomenal deal.

OH, I almost forgot.  2 weeks before we were supposed to move, this happened!!  I'm Pregnant!!  Baby Higdon is on the way come April 2011.  wow.  the timing is impeccable. I took at total of 4 tests just to make sure the first 2 were

We are ecstatic, overwhelmed, elated, overwhelmed, jumping for joy, and did I mention overwhelmed.  lol We are having a baby!!

We soon come to find out 2 days before we were supposed to close on our house that there were title issues on our perfect little family home and that the house was not foreclosed on properly.  It was going to be 6-9 months + before the house would be available for me to apply for a mortgage again.  
For every door the Lord closes, he opens another one.  We are still waiting on that door.  Hopefully it will have huge arrows telling us to open it when it comes around!
So, we moved in with my sweet, and very accommodating parents.   Brodie is even allowed to sleep inside and on the bed!!  We have never had inside pets growing up.  My parents have adjusted to our energetic ball of fur and just want to make life and our stress as easy as possible.

All the while I am still trying to sell real estate.  Enough said on that too.  
This cartoon says it all :)

Brodie has become fond of the HUGE pasture and pond at my parents house.  It is like a serious free for all.  Room to stretch his legs, run until his little heart is content, and leap through the water anytime he wants.  It is doggie heaven.  His little heart can't take anymore happiness!

Can't you just read his mind..."throw the ball again mom!  My tongue hanging out just means I am excited not tired!"

We are still on the hunt for a house, preferably before Baby Higdon comes along.
Patience is truly a virtue.  Through all the tears, excitement, and slight stress, God is always good.  
I guess I can just sum it all up by saying, sometimes life just happens!