Saturday, July 25, 2009

All Smiles

This little baby was the cutest thing with her little giggles and smiles. Madison is 6 months old now and just a joy to be around. I just had to share pictures of her. It was way to much fun!! Maybe not as much fun as monogramming, but a lot of fun....OR, maybe she should have worn something monogrammed and it would have been even better. OR, maybe not, and I should just drop it and take the pictures. OK... I will.

She was loving the feather boas!! It was cracking me up!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


No matter how old Brodie gets, he just loves to see Jamie come in from a long day fishing on the lake. It is definitely an unexplainable excitement!

Sometimes if Brodie is on his best behavior Jamie will take him for a little ride and dog and dad bonding moment.

Nothing like it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ever since my birthday on June 3rd, I have been slightly addicted to my monogram machine. Hello, My name is Courtney Higdon and I just love my monogram machine. Sad, I know. Jamie just lets me go and do my thing with getting the cutest fonts, and making little onesies and shirts for my nephews to go to the zoo. You must have new monogrammed clothes to go to the zoo-simply a must. Oh, the joy it brings! Not to mention my best friend Kathryn is having a baby any day now. No one will ever not know baby Katelyn's name because it is on everything she owns!

Thus, the reality it brings. My blogging has suffered, and for those of you getting no sleep because I have not written for almost a month. No more fretting...I am back. Well, kind of. Give me a little slack. I am overcoming an addiction.

Jamie and I have also been trying to redo our gosh awful, bare, grass filled flower beds. That has been a venture in itself. Yes, we do realize that we are about 2 months behind on working on our planting skills.

On another note I am so my mother... I really am at times...I came home the other day from work and there was a butterfly on my new flowers I just freshly planted and I ran for my camera because my mother would appreciate a picture. Yes, at least I admit that I am like her.

It just brought such joy when I looked at the once bleeding blisters I have on my hands from digging the hardest dirt I have ever dug and just smiled at my cute new fluttery friend.

Red or Yellow??

Are firetrucks Red or Yellow? Well... duh they are yellow! Lacey asked Charlie after visiting the fire station what color fire trucks are and he so intelligently said yellow! I have a smart nephew. We all visited the Alabaster fire station and interestingly enough their fire trucks are yellow instead of red. Regardless of the color we had a great time.

Charlie and Noah didn't really know what to think about it at first. Then they actually got inside the truck and play with all the firefighter stuff.

Then they realized they were the big men on campus and were somewhat curious what they were supposed to do besides sit there

So, Zac had the ultimate idea...give them all fire hats like real firefighters. Big Hit!

Sam has not quite known what to think of all this commotion

Charlie gave Zac a hug for showing him the fire trucks...not only once but 3 time. It was so sweet. I just love the innocence of a child. (Oh, and have I mentioned I LOVE having my nephews back in B'ham. Just makes my day.)