Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The brothers turn 2!

Mr. Brodie Higdon and Sam White turned "2" on August 1!!

 Just seems like yesterday we were bringing the little fur balls home from Tennessee.
That little face had my heart from day one. 

Now, He is a BIG boy.  Toddler to be exact.  The terrible two's!
Really his terrible 2's phase was at age 1.  Oh, the craziness that was bestowed on the Higdon household was like non other.  Our socks, dishtowels, and under garmets will never be rendered usable again.  His latest fetish...our bath mats.

Every dog must have a proper 2 year old birthday party filled with birthday hats, birthday cake, homemade doggie bones, and doggie friends.

Let The Birthday Party Extravaganza Begin!!!

First they got to eat their homemade doggie bones GG made for all three of them.  
gulp...that didn't last long as they lick their chops wanting more...and yes, more is to come.

THEN came the homemade doggie birthday cake!!!!  
Lets just say they inhaled this cake.  Peanut butter, honey, carrots, and some other good doggie treats. It literally became a free for all at this point.  There was no stopping them now!

It is not Miley's birthday, but for all practical purposes, she thought it was!  All that cake cannot be good for her girlish figure...oh well...she didn't seem to mind. 

Sam, on the other hand, thought he would save a birthday snack for later that night.

What a treat it has been to watch these two brothers grow up together and be best friends...even though their personalities may be 180 degrees in opposite directions!
We all love this rowdy and rambunctious trio and hope to have many more birthday parties to come.