Friday, January 29, 2010

ODE To Hunting.

Last weekend of hunting season.
Sad? I plead the fifth, make no comment--
OK, so behind closed doors jump for joy. I admitted it.

Hunting season is a passion for this handsome hunter of mine. Wait, that is ME in these pictures. I am caught. Truly, it not a passion of mine, but I am passionate about my handsome hunter, thus, making it by default, a passion of mine.

Jamie dressed me in everything that he owned so I would not be cold. Sweet right. I felt like the little kid in the Christmas Story when his mom sends him out in the snow and he drops his glasses and can't even bend over to pick them up... yup. that was me!

Regardless, I love my husband, thus I am (ok) with deer antlers hanging in my house!

Makes for great scarf/coat racks. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Valentines Day?.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas...oh wait. I guess we wish you a Happy Valentines Day now.

If you ask Brodie, he got everything he ever wanted in his stocking this year for Christmas. After hurling this 2 ft. bone into the air, dropping it on my head while laying on the couch, and demolishing my walls trying to play keep away, Santa seriously debated on why coal was not an option this year.

Regardless, my boys tummy was very satisfied, his heart swelled with excitement, and his tongue has been licking his lips for weeks trying to retrieve the left over particles stuck to his whiskers!

How can you not look at this mommas boy, snuggling king, towel addict, sock stealer, and hyper active pupster and not just want to put a red bow on his head and give him everything his little heart desires.

Whoa! I forgot. He does get everything his heart desires. Spoiled rotten is what he is!
Merry After Christmas and a Happy New Year.
*new post below

Miley. Laundry.

Sleepy eyes + comfy towels + laundry basket = a pile of Miley

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Miracle. Maybe.

Seems like a decade or more that we have had the entire Comer Family together in a picture at one time. Simply a candid moment if I must say so myself. Good looking family too if I must brag. Danica is the cute newest addition to the family. She was only 5 weeks old or so. Ahh.. babies. Yes, good baby powder smelling babies.

Our family is definitely growing and David and Christina are next in line come the end of March. Can you pick out which one is 6 months pregnant?? Yeah, she is to the left of me. You can't even tell. Cutest pregnant lady ever. I just love pregnant women. They are just so glowingly cute!! The only munchkin missing is my 1.5 yr old. He missed the family picture. Brodie, you were there in spirit little man. Good times!