Thursday, September 18, 2008

Newest Addition to our Family!

We are welcoming Brodie and Sam to our Family
They were born August 1, 2008 and about 7 weeks old now!
They are German Shorthair Pointers, with Liver and Roan coloring. Long story made short, Jamie and I were talking one night and we decided that we wanted to get a puppy. After some discussion Jamie has been eyeing this particualr breed of dog for a while. So, jokingly I said to him on Monday night that I wanted to have a puppy by the weekend. Well... Tuesday Jamie calls and says he found some puppies and they were the color that we wanted! So, needless to say our family expanded by Tuesday night.
The story continues...on the way to pick up the puppy, Jamie told me that our best friend Zac always wanted a German Shorthair puppy also..that was news to me, but I thought he would really love ours and maybe get one at some point...well...Zac called while we were meeting with the Breeder and was ecstatic that we were getting that particular breed of puppy so he told us to pick one up for him also!!
Now we have brothers!! How exciting!
Sam, Zac's puppy, is on the left, and Brodie, our puppy is on the right.
Brodie Higdon, 5.5 pounds, hazel/blue eyes, about 13 inches long!
The two boys were like little kids on Christmas Day getting their first Red Rider BB Gun! Excitement filled the air.
Zac and Sam
I came home after work and found the boys crashed on the couch!! I laughed and laughed and ran for my camera. Brodie was worn slap out from playing allll day long. Great memories...

Beach Trip

Wonderful Rest and Relaxation!! Jamie and I had this trip planned for about a month when a hurricane thought it would make its way through, but lucky for us it missed us completely! It was sunny and beautiful the whole time. The waves were absolutely huge when we got there, and the police were out making sure no one even stuck their toe in the water! So...we enjoyed the chairs and umbrellas at the pool.
We stayed at Emerald Beach Resort and it was wonderful!! The living room looks out over the water and most of the time we just sat outside on the balcony and watched the waves crashing in onto the beach. It was beautiful. We really just stayed around the condo during the day and went out to dinner at night. This was the pool on the beach that we swam in, but they had two new pools that just opened with an abundance of childrens water features in them. Great for people watching...interesting to see children play.
(the two new pools)
Jamie and I definitely just relaxed and enjoyed seafood, went walking and ate at the new Pier Park, and went looking at the boats coming in at the docks. I feel relaxed and rejuvinated! Time was to short...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Recruitment 08'

PHI MU RUSH 2008!!
This year I have the privilege of being the new PHI MU Chapter Adviser at the University of Montevallo, and what an honor it is. To me this is a ministry and an opportunity to build relationships with young women. I have been praying for a way to minister to young women, and I truly believe the Lord has opened this door for me for a reason. It was an exhausting, yet rewarding 5 days! I had no idea what went on to make sure RUSH and Phi Mu as a chapter runs smoothly through this process. I took good notes, so hopefully next year I will have it down pat. The adviser who did hold this position has been doing it for the past 25 years! I just remember going through my years with Phi Mu and having such a respect for Theresa, so I am honored that I have this opportunity to walk along side her. (She is still helping me, thank goodness!)
This is the current chapter president and I on open house night; she did a fantastic job!

Each night there were different parties the new girls would attend and this night during recruitment we do a Grease skit and it is so incredibly cute! This is a picture of the Pink Ladies and the T Birds...

After a long, long week and several 2-4 a.m. nights, Bid Day finally arrived! I was very proud of all the girls for the hard work they put into this week.

New PHI MU 2008 Chapter!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Master Chef at work again...
For Labor Day my family had a cookout at my parents house. The menu was vast, weather was just perfect, and the company was great.
Menu included: Hamburgers, wings, hotdogs, porkchops, sausage, potatoes, casseroles, and chocolate pies! WOW! These are incredible wings...seasoned to perfection! My dad taught me the secret!
Mia took a liking to dad when he brought out the food to feed the Koi fish... That kept her entertained for a while.
David took all of us for a ride around the property on the 4 wheeler. My grandmother actually really enjoyed the ride!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Friendship is a truly special thing when you find someone to share all of life's little adventures with. Kathryn and Michael were married 6 months before Jamie and I and have now live down the street in our neighborhood. We love having them around all the time.
What better than a photo op before the Alabama vs. Clemson game
Don't worry barbecue sandwiches soon followed.
The yearly fish fry at Lay Lake
Fried fish, chicken, mac and cheese, fries, dips, casseroles, and fresh watermelon
It was the perfect summer afternoon...
food, games, cool watermelon and...
a full stomach...
it just gave us a great excuse to relax.
The day was just to short...
but that didn't keep us from making the most of it... Cornhole was the favorite game of the day by far.
You can never discount a good dip in the lake to cool off... (No, we didn't call each other and plan on wearing the same thing!)

or a jump off the rope swing (Are you kidding me!!)

(I did not do this...scardie is possible...)

Overall is was an exciting way to start off a relaxing Labor Day weekend.