Sunday, February 28, 2010

Super Bowl

of Bass Fishing.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would go to a bass tournament? without hesitations I would have said, umm... NO, are you crazy? lost your marbles? or think just because I have a pond in my backyard that fishing interests me?? None of the above applied. Until... Jamie.
Who would ever think one man, one good looking, rugged, handsome specimen of a man could change me to this outdoor enthusiast. I use outdoor enthusiast lightly, because I really dont actually fish, hunt, shoot guns, etc. all the time like he does, BUT, because he loves the outdoors, and because I love him, I love the outdoors. Pink will be found somewhere in my outfit of choice for every event.

The crowds came in droves to the Super Bowl of Bass Fishing in B'ham. You got it. The mega bowl of raccoon faced, sun burnt bunch of men with big bellied fish.

Who would have ever thought I would know how to finesse a worm, or know which crank bait or shaky head worm to fish in muddy or clear water, or which bass wins more tournaments-spotted or large mouth bass. The things I do for Love.

Jamie took off work, and I took off work and what a date weekend it was. It all started with Waffle House, and then onto the bass expo where we saw all the latest and greatest things out there, and then we settled in for hours of watching all 51 anglers weigh in their fish. That's what you call a date in Birmingham!

It was a treat to see Mark Zona himself. We watch him every Saturday morning giving us the highlights on every bass tournament. That gets Jamie's weekend started off right.

Then, we found the best seats in the house for the Classic to begin. Lights, Camera, Action.

My favorite angler is by far Kevin Van Dam. He makes winning easier than peeling a banana, or hooking a worm on a hook, or well you've got the point. He is just a winner in my book.

BUT. This is a hometown fellow. Mr. Gerald Swindle. We met at the Wal-Mart in Calera last year. We talked. Now we are BFF. If you asked him he would tell you. You can't not root for Gerald! Dont tell KVD I told you that.

This is one of my other favs. Skeet Reese. When he used to have longer hair Jamie and Skeet favored. Enough said.

This is the man of the hour. He weighed in with an astounding 19.5 lbs. on the first day after fishing Lay lake.
If you looked up champion in the dictionary it would say: Kevin Van Dam.
Again. Enough said.

This is the Super Six. The top 6 anglers of the Classic. You could just feel the tension rise. Who will win? Will it be an upset? Will Kevin have a bad day fishing? Oh the torture.

It came down to Jeff Kriet and KVD. Jeff thought he had it all day long. Very confident in his fishing abilities. But I told you what you find in the dictionary and that is exactly what happened.

Winning by almost 6lbs. The new Bass Masters Classic Champion: KVD I know you are thinking of the "We Are The Champion" song. I am singing it as I type.

Lift that trophy high into the confetti. Winning $500,000. It is a good day.

I just relived an exciting moment in my life. My heart is pumping fast. I am going to go get me some water and go watch the reruns on tv.

Who would have ever thought...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Let there be

Times like these it brings back all of the great memories of growing up on land. I remember my dad staying up all night making us a sled so could David and I could experience having a "real" sled. So blessed for those times!

NOW. I get to be that parent that gives that to her little man.

The house where I grew up. It is so serene looking at it on this snowy day. Good memories. I remember winter storm of '93. Our power went out for a week. It was definitely a week of bonding.

It is all about having fun. A treat it was to watch our three kiddos play in the snow.

A proud little man!

Maybe I am just all emotional in this cold weather, but this picture gets me a little teary. The two men in my life. Enough said.

After a long hot bath there is nothing but snoring by the fire for this tired little pupster.

It was a good day.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"gotta little mud on my tires..."

Brad Paisley comes to Birmingham.
Concerts. Let me explain my stance.
Yesterday my incredibly cute, cowboy boot wearing sister in law Lacey called to ask if Jamie and I wanted to go to the Brad Paisley Concert at the BJCC. Who would not want to go see the wrangler wearing country star?

We are from Alabama you know! That translates to people not from here thinking that we play in the mud, get trucks that you need a step stool to get into, extremely loud dual exhaust, fancy cowboy boots and hats, tight Wrangler jeans, or jean with diamond studs all over them, really huge belt buckles, bells of hay, and a toothpick behind your ear at all times.

You have to admit that it does cross your mind when you think of a country concert in Alabama.

Immediate stress kind of started. I think somewhere deep in my conscience I have a phobia of large concerts. People, just people everywhere! Makes me a little claustrophobic. Am I the only one??
These questions keep jogging in my head: Is there going to be a fight over who stands and who sits? How many times am I going to have beer sloshed on me from people around me flinging their drinks into the air singing at the top of their lungs, off tune, to the Country Stars stage performance. OH, and the womans restroom lines, not just the never ending lines that wrap around the whole BJCC, but the classy women you seem to meet in line. Don't act like you don't know what I am taking about!!

People watching is probably the most entertaining part before the concert. How do women wear 5 in. stilettos and stand in them alll night long? I was a retail merchandising major. I get it, but seriously?? It is 35 degrees outside, how are women not cold in their strapless tanktops and short short mini skirts. Very enlightening.

All of this streaming in my head entering the slightly intoxicated mob of people. Surprisingly, this concert exceeded my expectations. I really really liked Brad Paisley live. He was incredibly witty, very fun, and sounded just like he does on the radio! I give an A+ to Lacey for setting this date night up.

My anxiety relinquished by the end after I did have beer sloshed on me, watched the police work out a dispute over some people wanting to stand and some sit, and had the joy to keep seeing the same women in the ladies room reapplying just one more coat of makeup. It was all worth it though!

For me to call myself a "country girl"--that may need to be reevaluated slightly!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Farm Girl.

I think SO.

pasture. birds. puddles. an array of different smells.
Ahhh... it is great to be a dog/puppy/princess Miley

Did I mention the puddles? She loves the puddles. Water. Splashing. Sticking her head so far under the water she blows bubbles. Did I mention the puddles.

It is now nice to have a female perspective with two big brothers trying to run the show.

Women rule. Boy dogs drool!

They may run faster, play harder, and get dirtier, but Princess Miley still rules the roost!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!

Nah Nah Nah Nah Boo Boo

What have I taught my little pupster/wild man/bird hunting enthusiast. Oh well... there is always tomorrow.