Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Meet Bailey.
The little white 5 lb. Maltese fur ball.
Brown eyes, if you can see them through all the hair, and a little yipe bark.
We already took a car ride to downtown Calera letting the wind blow in our hair, cooked dinner together, played in the yard, and just forgot life as we knew it.

She is a cute little thing that just lays in your lap and snores when she sleeps.
Oh the little whipper snapper had me at hello.

OH, I so forgot to tell you that I found this cute little pupster in my new construction community. She just came and sat on my feet at the front door. Before you get all up in arms, I did walk to all the houses around the community to ask if they knew who Bailey belonged to and no answers at the doors. SO. She went home with me for the evening :)

Bailey just longed for her real family I could tell.

So pitiful. I even tried to feed her a little something. I thought we bonded!
*sniff- sniff*

Jamie was not the least bit ecstatic by the new fur ball addition.
(He said that, but he didn't mean it. He loved her deep down inside I just know it.)

Those teeth will teach Jamie not to think she is a welcomed addition. Even if it is just for a couple of hours.

So, after dinner the hunt began again. Since she had a collar, but no tags, we had to go knocking on doors trying to find the sweet family to whom she belongs. You will be happy to know there was a joyous and happy reunion.
All is happy again on the home front.

Oh, and her real name is Lucy! Personally I will always remember my joyful 8 hours of bliss with my little 5lb. fur ball named Bailey.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Friday night was a night for reminiscing. We went back in time to the Calera vs. Shelby County football game. I was not that excited about going to the game until I drove up and heard the band playing. Oh, it just brought back the memories. Calera football, the lights, score board, announcer, it was great. GO Eagles!

We lost, but gave it a good try.

This is what I came to the game for... the band!! In high school I was, quote, the "band geek". The sad thing is that I didn't even know it at the time. I just thought I was the coolest with my band leather letterman jacket, my trumpet, and all my medals. My pride was being drum major! I thrived off of this and actually still teach drum major lessons and judge tryouts. It just brings back all the joy and excitement I felt when I was out on that field.

Jamie told me that I needed to suppress those feelings.

I told him I was going to go home and get out my trumpet and learn the Alabama fight song so every time they make a touchdown I was going to play it for him. He did not at all agree with that idea.

How could you not love the band. I am still such a "geek". I can't believe I am still admitting this to myself. I may need therapy. Yeah...I think I will go pull out my leather band jacket and have more reminiscing moments.

You could probably say that I don't get out much. Is it sad that my goal in college was to go to a big college ie: UA, and be drum major. It never happened. I just may be having separation issues. Oh well. For now I will just keep my memories.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

When all else fails... RUN.

When your dish towels have taken such a beating that they are not recognizable anymore, or when the blankets on the couch are not serving their purpose because you can see more of the couch than the blanket through the holes Brodie chewed, it is time to RUN the hyper furry child of mine.

You didn't really actually think I ran. I ride! Ride in style behind my rugged outdoorsy man. Yes, he is a fine specimen in those holey jeans and cowboy boots.

Tongue hanging out... that is a GOOD sign.
After a dip in the pond I think we are heading home.

Maybe my dish towels, socks, and blankets will have some relief.
Well-At least for the next few hours.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

To Sell or Not to Sell...

I know many of you have been curious about how intelligent that I really am. It is a common question that I get. About a month ago I thought to myself, "I sell houses for a living, I mean seriously, how hard would it be to sell my own home." Am I crazy, lost my mind in a recession, or I know many of you are thinking maybe I got bit by a snake instead of Brodie. Maybe all of the above.

I am honestly flipping out about selling my house. OH MY GOODNESS. It stresses me out. Making the bed everyday, sweeping and vacuuming the floor from my furry child, scrubbing the base boards, getting cob webs out of crevices of our house I didn't knew existed, getting Jamie face shavings out of the sink, getting Brodie's hair out of our tub, (he loves to get in the tub), getting Brodie's hair off our couch, putting the pillows back on the couch from Brodie using them as a chew toy, & windexing the glass on the back door where nose prints have taken up a permanent residence. Oh the constant cleaning, washing, & febreze spraying! What are sellers thinking when they put their house on the market. UGH.

I am already about ready to fire myself if it doesn't sell.

Do you have friends, family, children, furry creatures, or any sort of human beings that would like to be tied to a mortgage for 30 years of their life. If so please have them call me. It is almost 2,500 sq. ft., bungalow style home, with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a fenced backyard. I know my phone is about to blow up with calls about my house, so I will cut the rest of this short.

HELP! The country is calling our name with a cute farm house and acreage. Can't you see it now. Aahhh. I can. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Roll Tide


Of course any small, cute, adorable baby should have Alabama monogrammed onesies when you watch a winning team such as Alabama. So what did Kathryn and I do.. well of course we made her an Alabama onesie. What, did you think I was slacking on my monogramming job. Of course not! Katelyn just loved it and said she would like it to be a baby model. I could not turn her down, thus her incredibly adorable matching bow and outfit.

Alabama was making a touchdown and she was extremely excited. If she only had a pom pom it would make for a more unbelievable game.

Oh, how I was not even watching the game because I was so intrigued with this little sweet baby. Yes, it is an addiction. Oh, the baby addiction. Until then I will just keep loving on her and my big ball of fur.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Worst Fear

So, last week my worst fears came to fruition. My incredibly hyper ball of fur needed a to be run to release some of the pent up my husband took Brodie to the hunt on the opening day of Dove season. Being so excited, Brodie got out to the woods and lasted all of 20 minutes before he was....bitten by a SNAKE!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an unbelievable fear of snakes. I have nightmares if I watch or see snakes on t.v. Seriously! So when Jamie called me when I was at work and said that Brodie hurt his foot and he had to take him to the Animal Hospital I had my first parenting panic attack. I didn't think I would do that, but I just could not concentrate and needed to be there with him.

Needless to say, I left work slightly early. Brodie just needed to be nurtured and I just needed to be reassured that he was breathing and his leg was not falling off or anything. Being by yourself when you find out your puppy is hurt will make your mind think of weird and crazy things.

I must have confession time and get this off my chest. When I came home and realized that he would survive the bite, the doctor said to keep him off his foot, and that to me was very amusing. Brodie being still for any length of time...yeah right. The doc told us to give him Benadryl to keep him knocked out, so we did. I have to say that having him slightly sedated was the best 4 days of his puppy life. Oh my goodness, he was wonderful. All Brodie did was sleep and snuggle with you. Best time of my life with my fur ball child. I hate he was bitten by a snake, (I don't even like writing that word.. I just got the goose bumps.) but he was the best dog for a week!!

When I came home to nurture him the only word that I could think of was pitiful. He was absolutely the most pitiful looking dog ever!

Don't feel to sorry for him yet...he recovered very well, and is again terrorizing my dish towels and bath towels, and blankets, etc. Gotta love him. Even though it was only a short time calmness fell over our home, I will never forget it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yup...Patience is a virtue

Brodie + extreme curiosity = expensive disaster

5 Seconds...
I leave the room...
and this is what happens...

Yes, this was my china on my dinning table. Brodie has never been very interested in it before, but today was a new day and with a 1 year old puppy with extreme curiosity spells money out of my pocket. He knew he had done wrong and just laid down with his head hung low and his ears back as he bowed at my feet as I came running into the room. Poor dog. He probably thought it was a bird flying rampid through our house and jumping the table was the answer to all of his puppy problems. Who knows. He spent the rest of the afternoon in time out!