Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today is our TWO year anniversary!
What a true joy and an unexplainable honor it is to be married to Jamie. No other words today that really come to mind except blessed...

I have always called Jamie my Mr. Steady, because in all things he is steady and unwavering, and never ceasing to continue to amaze me in how he loves and respects me and our lives together. I love that and find incredible comfort in that attribute about my handsome husband.

I waited and waited knowing Jamie was Heaven sent to me and knew the Lord spoke to me and gave a reassurance in my heart to trust Him...I am preparing Jamie's heart, the Lord said as I prayed for wisdom and discernment.. just be patient and trust that I know best...That was soooo incredibly hard for me because I am goal oriented and need a plan, but MY Mr. Steady did have that unwavering faith and was continually praying for the Lord guidance on our lives and our future marriage. What a blessing it has been.

It is nothing short of amazing to see how The Lord puts two people together that are so comparable in so many ways...We just fit! I woke up this morning before I got my day started looking at this amazing man beside me feeling so complete in what the Lord has done.
The one who still melts my heart
My confidant
My handsome hunter
The fearless leader of our home
The one who still puts butterflies in my stomach
My bow hunting teacher
The spiritual leader of our home
My best friend
My reassurer of life
My protector
My Mr. Steady
My love...

Monday, November 10, 2008

I am going to interject here with an news bulletin update------
I posted the below blog earlier today, and my sweet, yet rowdy, puppy that is ever increasing in size does have my heart, but perhaps it grows horns sometimes! Tonight Jamie and I came home from a lovely meal that my sweet, handsome, and just down right wonderful husband treated me to tonight. Seeing that we have not played with Brodie all day today our excitement grew as we came in the door. Brodie has gotten to where he LOVES playing in the trash when we are not looking. You will find the normal stance of 2 paws up on the trash can with his nose plummeting into the fresh throw aways from the days meals. He totally knows it is wrong, and will stand and bark at the trash can when we are looking demanding we know his disapproval of us not letting him eat out of the trash can.

I could tell by the look in his eye and when I turned my back to unload the dishwasher I heard the noise....crinkle, crinkle, boom...I look up and over the counter to find a full coffee filter with coffee grinds spilling out of his mouth. Brodie, filled with excitement that he has just gotten away with what he knows is wrong is jumping up and down wanting me to chase him to see if I can catch him. As he makes his normal figure 8 around my living room couch, under the coffee table, around the leather chair, through the kitchen, down the hall, and into the dining room just to start the process all over again if I have not caught him by now....he is faster than you all may think! Now, mind you that he had a full coffee filter with black coffee grounds that have now spilled out of his mouth with every step of his paws and are now mashed into my tanish colored carpet!! Let me tell you that I have a fresh aroma of morning coffee filling my house.

All of you know that I have been working on my patience, and I felt like I did a very good job of holding it in when I had to get out a toothbrush and scrub my carpet after I vacuumed all I could get up and was still a tanish chocolate color after he threw his tantrum! Life goes on...I just thought it was very amusing, actually I laughed out loud when I looked at my earlier blog of my sweet Brodie looking like a perfect angel... :)