Monday, June 15, 2009

Polarized Filter

Not that anyone really really cares about this, but I thought it was amazingly interesting. On our recent beach trip, which I will blog about soon, I realized that I had a polarized filter for my camera and had never used it. You can tell I am no expert at using my camera and is still a constant learning process. I was just astounded at the difference on how it made the color so vivid.

This was using my 50mm lens and no filter

This was with my standard 18-55mm lens and the polarized filter.
Amazing difference isn't it!? Below is really what the beach looked like with the seaweed and greenish blue water. Nasty seaweed, but beautiful weather as a side note :)

Just thought I would share what little bit of exciting knowledge I came across for those of you who are around water a lot like me.

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Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yes, you can see it for yourself...I have my very own monogram machine!!!! I mean are you kidding me! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get one of these. Let me just say that I have absolute most wonderful, sweet, and just down right best parents and in laws in the world. All I had to say was that I loved monogrammed stuff, and what did I get for my birthday...a monogram machine. Anything with cloth and able to monogram you will find an initial, name, or cute picture... it is endless.

This is what we did all night was sit and stare at it stitching away. Simply amazing.

Let me tell you, Jamie is just loving this new gadget in our house. He just said his camo was off limits, but everything else was fair game! No telling what is going to happen. You can tell he is just so very very excited!

I have already monogrammed everything I could think of in my house. It is a site to see! Best birthday present by far.