Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Katelyn Is On The Way

My best friend that lives down the street had her baby shower this past weekend and what a joy it was to see her just elated about being a new mother and getting a bunch of WAY cute girly stuff!
The Newly expected mother- How cute is her dress!?

This is the fun part that of having a sister that is close to you because her older sister is just 5 weeks ahead of Kathryn's prego experience. She already has an absolutely adorable little girl named Barrett and is now expecting a boy! What are the chances that they would deliver on the same day... few and far between, but how cool would that be! Mother, 2 daughters and granddaughter. Gotta love it!

Didn't I tell you Barrett was adorable!!!

All the goods! We loaded up that crib to the brim. She had a blast opening everything.

Can you tell that I just loved taking pictures of her.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stick + Lake=

Doggie Acrobatics!

These pictures explain it all...
Brodie's Favorite past time.

Brodie is just a talented little puppy. Who knew!

This is Brodie waiting on his daddy to come home. awww...
He looks like a child pouting.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Pink Ladies

These girls are my pride and joy!
We cannot deny the obvious that there is a lot of pink going on in this picture. Now you will more understand why I am the way I am, love pink, and am definitely a girly girl. Yep, all becoming clear.

Our recruitment chair, Adrian, asked me to take some photos of the group for recruitment postcards to send out this summer. She knew someone with this incredibly CUTE pink car. I mean, really, I thought when she told me we were getting a pink car, I didn't think she literally meant PINK car. I loved it!

I am like a proud momma.

These are the two women who make it all happen during recruitment! Way to go girls.

Brodie's 1st Easter

With it being Brodie's first Easter we didn't know how to really teach him the true meaning of Easter. I think he did pretty well when I asked him what he wanted in his Easter basket and he closed his eyes and probably prayed for a doggy bone and for me to stop taking pictures of him! Yeah, yeah yeah! He was probably just trying his hardest to ignore me at this point, because he was soooo over being still and posing!

These pictures were taken on Flower Hill in Montevallo thus the beautiful springs plants behind him. If you had not known any better I could have said they were at my house and I just had such an incredible green thumb! Not!

Brodie is 8 Months old now, and is about 50-55 lbs. Not my little munchkin anymore! Sad. You have to say he is cute though :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail...
Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail...
Hippity Hoppity Easters on its Way.

Bless his heart. Jamie woke up to me singing this to him Sunday morning. Yeah, I even had hand motions. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to give Jamie his Easter basket. It really is the little things in life that make me excited.

This Easter we mixed things up a little bit and had a family gathering at NXS in Calera. For all of you who do not know what that is, it is a gymnastic gym that my cousins own and teach out of. We thought it would be fun for all the kids to have fun playing and hiding eggs in the gym. I knew it would be fun, but it exceeded my expectations. There was a moon bounce, foam pit, wuffol ball, Easter egg hunts for the children, rope climbing, trampoline bouncing, and food galore.

The kiddos were a joy to watch. I think someone had taken the candy out of Zekes easter basket here. Jelly beans cleared those tears right up.

Isn't he adorable! This is my little cousin Zeke.

Ike found the soccer egg hidden under the mat. Proud moment.

As I said before there was a lot of playing going on: footballs were flying, and I looked over and my dad had jumped up on the rings and pulled himself up and elevated his feet straight in front of him. I was incredibly impressed because anyone who has done this before takes a lot of strength and stomach muscles! He has always been strong, but I had not seen him do anything like this. He definitely gets the strong man award.

Gurney started a new tradition of making Easter bonnets out of anything you have at the house. She was the judge and it was an absolute hoot to see us all decorated up. You never know what this family is going to come up with. Keeps you on your toes!

We had to have the perfect walk to compliment the bonnet, and a bow, a little twirl/spin. Who knew it could be so in depth. Gurney was actually a sweet judge and everyone won something. We all walked away happy winners with extra skittles as a trophy. It was a great day!

I think we started a new Easter tradition. Good times!
(Angie, we missed you guys. Just wasn't the same without you!)

Never To Old!??

The question of the moment is, When do you become to old not to dye Easter eggs??
I say you are never to old. That is the only thing that I have wanted to do this week is to be a kid again and make a mess with glitter flying, an array of different colors, stickers, crayons, etc.

AND...I got Camo PAAS to dye eggs with! How cool is that!

There is a story that would probably mortify my mother and especially my Grandma Betty. I have surprisingly never boiled eggs before. My mom always did. How hard can this be I thought. So, after bringing the water to a boil I put the eggs in and about 40 minutes later I was about over the eggs boiling process and cracked one of them and have come to realize that green insides mean that it has been boiled to long! haha. (You will be happy to know that my mother has now told me how to boil eggs. No more tragedy, you can all stop laughing now, seriously!

Lacey was definitely my side kick. After getting over the egg boiling process we are excited again. Smiles were on our faces and nothing could get us down.

Zac was a trooper and shared in the dying process. Dont let him fool you he liked it regardless of what he says. See, it is not just a girl thang!

We all got a little carried away with the glitter and wound up glittering everything. They may not be the most beautiful looking eggs, but that satisfied my glitter egg craving, and that was the overall goal! Yeah!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boat Seat Mania

Jamie has been dying to get new boat seats for his bass boat and finally they came in. It was truly a glorious day for Jamie! Since it was such a beautiful 78 degrees of a day we headed to the lake to run Brodie and Sam and work on putting in the boat seats. He only got one done that day, but this is a sneak peak at my husbands carpentry skills- or cutting, screwing and nailing abilities.

His was Brodie's idea of helping. Really just playing and staying out of the way was indeed helping. Although a soaked lake water dog makes for a long long ride home (in my lap I might add!)

As I was leaving it was a beautiful site to see the sun setting over the water. To me it was a very productive day!

Dog: worn out
Boat Seat: one down 2 to go
Sun set: amazing
Family time: priceless

Friday, April 10, 2009


Good Ol' Sam White
This is Brodie's real brother. Zac got Sam the same time we got Brodie. They are a complete mess when they get together. Two peas in a pod!

Begrudging smile...He was tired of me taking his picture!

I think I took his throw toy away from him...He was sulking big time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reminiscing about this beach weekend a certain song comes to mind when I think of Jamie:
"I'm to sexy for my shirt, to sexy for my shirt, to sexy yeah..." Thus the Sneaky Pete's hot dog shirt. Oh yeah, baby! He broke it out from his high school years and still wearing it! wow...now everyone knows why I fell in love...it all becomes clear now.

No seriously, we had a fantastic time! It was a perfect 78 degrees, slight breeze, sail boats sailing, sand was not to hot on your feet, but still hot enough to get a little pink. As you see on Jamie's knees above. He thought 4 spf with a bronzer would be sufficient since he is a fisherman! Short interjection. He fishes with blue jeans, and a t shirt on... the perfect farmer/fisherman tan. His legs and stomach have not seen the sun in a few long days, thus, above the slightly pink the first day and purply pink the second and the Sneaky Pete's shirt. Not funny then, but you have to say slightly funny now.

Paddle Ball was definitely the game of the weekend. It looks easier than it actually is!

When you look at this picture several things possibly run through my mind. I love it when Jamie gazes lovingly into my eyes and gets lost in my beauty, or maybe he is just so captivated with my love for him, or possibly life just could not be as wonderful as it is without me there...OR, maybe he was just doing what I told him to. haha. It would make a great photo if you acted like you were brushing the hair out of my eyes. This is why I married this wonderfully sweet, handsome, Sneaky Pete wearing, fisherman....

Michael and Kathryn are our wonderfully sweet friends that live down the street in our neighborhood and are a lot like us in so many ways to long to describe. We had a wonderful time just hanging out, going out to eat at the Back Porch at Pier Park, and yes, I have to say, we were back at the condo playing dominoes at 9:45 that night. Oh wow, we are getting on up there in age, and really neither on of us have children to give us an excuse, we were just tired. haha! What a great life!!

The second night we went to eat at Pineapple Willy's on the deck outside, ride go carts, hit in the batting cages, and play in the arcade. Poor Kathryn couldn't ride go carts because she was pregnant, but made up for it in the arcade. It was just a relaxing weekend!

Sleeping in late, getting some sun, eating whatever we want, and just relaxing makes it all worth it!