Monday, April 26, 2010

Pretty in Pink

P.H.I.  M.U. Ladies.  
Prissy. Funny. Pink. Intelligent. Sunhat Wearing. Sassy.  High Heel Loving. Sundress attire. 
Good lookin' girly girls!

For those who do not know, I was a Phi Mu in college, and now have the privilege of coming back to UM be an adviser for these wonderful women. 

I was also very prissy, and a little sassy, and had to have my hair and clothes just so...I was definitely the girl always in pink.  After I met Jamie, really this little sister Lacey, did my wardrobe start to slowly evolve to sundresses and cowboy boots instead of dress pants and high heels.  It is definitely still a work in progress, but the casual side of me is taking form.  All I really knew was high heels and slightly ~ prissy!

Who said Pink wasn't the new brown.

Many faces of Rivers

Sweet Rivers.  
Calm.  Collected.  Sweet.  She almost looks like a porcelain doll.

The baby fever has hit me like a ton of bricks.  
The baby lotion smell, the little rolls on her thighs and arms, her peach fuzz of hair, how she balls her fists up as she so powerfully tries to yawn, and her smooth as a babies behind skin.
I just love it.

My heart just yearns...
But for now... Brodie's puppy breath smell will have to do. 

Friday, April 23, 2010


This blog is not for the weak at heart.  If you get squeamish, just turn away now.  This is going to be a very serious matter in home cleaning!  Please keep in mind that I am a clean fanatic.

Jamie and I have gone round and round with the truth of how well our elderly vacuum cleaner works, or not works.  Everyone does remember that we have a shedding puppy that loves to roll alllll over the carpet to get that itch that he has on the tip of his back.  As much as I tell him not to, he pushes that limit and proceeds to wallo in my carpet...all over my carpet...all the time!  It literally grosses me out.

For the longest time I have been telling Jamie that I didn't think our vacuum cleaner worked.  It has been stuck on the highest setting.  So, I made a deal with him that if I vacuumed with ours and then borrowed another one and vacuumed again and it didn't pick anything up, then I would be passivised and not talk about it again. 

Like I said before, if you are easily grossed out, turn away.  Below is what I picked up after using my vacuum cleaner, and then borrowing one from Kathryn and vacuuming again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told you not to look!  

I showed this to Jamie when he got home, and needless to say we had a date night and went out to buy a new vacuum cleaner!  NOT just any vacuum cleaner............a DYSON!!  The mack daddy of mack daddy vacuum cleaners. Keep in mind that this is after he said we were not getting a new vacuum cleaner to begin with, and if we were going to get one, by some chance, that he was not going to spend that much money on a Dyson!  The things he does for love.... :)

Can I tell you how elated I am.  It it is like Christmas morning all over again.  I have vacuumed my carpet again for the 6th time today.  Seriously.  I vacuumed until it didn't have anything else to pick up.  Then I let Brodie in just so he could roll on the carpet and vacuum behind him.  

Who knew vacuum cleaners could be so exhilarating!  ME! 
For the love of all that is good...Cleanliness is once again restored at my house.  

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rivers Christine Comer

Growing up with David everyone who has ever spent any time with him knows his sense of humor, his stubbornness at times, his love for animals (the Comer Zoo as they lovingly refer to it now), and his dislove/repulsive nature for children. If you handed him a baby, he would hold them as far as those 6ft arms would extend, and if it remotely cried, or looked like it would regurgitate chunks of their half eaten dinner, it was almost like a hot potato being flung into the air, and we all hoped someone would be there to catch them.  You ALL know it is true.  

When Christina came into David's life, the lovely, beautiful, muscular, innocent, sweet, Godly, adorable, motherly woman she is came into his life we knew he had hit a gold mine.  Christina just loves David, all his zoo animals, his long lanky figure, and laughs off many of his crazy antics.  They are perfect for each other.  The only issue was that Christina was made to be a mom!  No doubt about it.  Her loving spirit was to good to just be for David, it needed to be spread around a little bit.  You could see David get quiet every time the "baby" word would make its way into the conversation.

 I remember where I was the night I got the phone call from Christina telling me she was prego.  I hung up the phone with flooded emotions.  Many to hard to explain, but mostly thinking... this should be interesting!  My brother, Mr. Eddie Haskel himself, is going to be a dad.  WOW.  And since that day that kept resonating in my head.

I always knew David will be a great dad, but I always pictured him with outstretched arms and a baby at the end yelling for someone to just make "it" go away.  All of those feeling/thoughts left my head as I saw him the day before they were set to induce Christina...He was sitting on the back of his truck, legs dangling in the air, just waiting on Christina to come outside.  He was just as fidgety as he could be.  He didn't know whether to smile or panic!  At that moment I think he knew his life would change, and for the better.  

As long has I have known David, if he gets nervous or upset he gets quiet, and sometimes you just have to give him his space.  On Monday the 12th, he was nervous but was almost giddy with excitement, he just loved on Christina alll day, and gave her nothing but encouragement and support.  He was ready to become a dad!

As you would walk into her room his chair was turned facing Christina and his hand laid sweetly on her chest to help calm her nerves as he quietly read his magazine.  He also had a video camera that probably ran out of tape recording every moment of the whole day.  Every move, every turn, even the bathroom was caught on tape, nothing was to be left out.  He wanted every memory to be captured.  You could tell his heart was swelling with pride... his baby girl was on the way.  

Christina's twin sister Christel, snuck back to her room as she was getting ready to push, she said you could hear him saying, "That's it baby, you are doing great, just one more push!"  Then the nurses caught them and they had to leave the hall!!  In the mean time allll the immediate family was in the waiting room biting our nails waiting... just waiting...We actually made a bet on the time and weight of Ms. Rivers arrival.  My guess 6.10 lb and 3:50 pm.  

FINALLY, the moment had arrived, David came to the waiting room and called us to the hall.  He was elated, excited, smiling from ear to ear.  Rivers was born.  ALL 8 lb. 10 oz, and 22 in long!  She didn't just make her way into the world, she MADE her way into the world.  The doctor came out saying, "Where was Christina hiding that baby!"  

Christina was as beautiful as always, glowing to be exact, even through the pregnancy I never saw someone to positive and upbeat and felt more blessed to be creating a new life.  Even after she delivered you would have never known.  She did amazing!  Like I said, she was born to be a mother. 

That day the Lord smiled and laughed as he changed my brothers life from holding a baby with outstretched arms, to holding/cuddling his new born baby girl.  I will never forget it because to me I saw a completely different side to David.  You could see the love and respect for Christina and the pride welling up inside of him.  Monday was a "new" day.

You would have thought the president had arrived at the hospital with as many family and friends they had loving and supporting them both.  Let me give you an in site of the amount of people:  both sets of parents, 4 siblings and spouses, 4 cousins, 2 babies under 3, 3 grandmothers, 2 aunts, 1 uncle, 4 friends, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Sorry if I left someone out!  It was a mad house.  BUT, you knew they were loved!

There was not just a life being born, but a new family being made.  My parents were absolutely beaming from ear to ear.  Dad always said the first grandchild would get the money jars he had saved all those years, and for a second, just a second, I was slightly jealous!  I have to admit.  Maybe dad will split it--I will work on that! :)  

That night I went home very proud of my brother.
He did good. 
I think in all the excitement the tears were withheld, but that night cuddling with Brodie it all came out.  Just yesterday we were building a tree house in the backyard, and skinning up our knees falling of our bikes for the 100th time.  My how life changes and how blessed we are.

Life is good...


My sweet little niece...
Congratulations David and Christina

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Christel and Christina. Twins. Prego. Best Friends.

These two do everything together!  Their initials growing up were the same, the men they married last names started with a C, they are both having girls that are two months apart with their first names starting with an R. 

I try to understand it, but I think they have their own language...I think the Lord was showing us his humor when he made twins.

It is something to behold.  These two women will be incredible mothers.  I am just glad I get to experience it with them!  Christina, the one on the right is my sister in law, and the one of the left is Jamie's cousin.  I will let you figure that one out :)