Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mia's turns 2

This was just a week for birthday's! My cute, adorable, curly haired, fun loving little cousin Mia recently turned 2!! This is always a fun photo op. You never know what will happen. I love the anticipation! Will the cake end up in the floor, will toys break, is she going to roll around in her cute birthday outfit and get it dirty, or will the dog get out and eat the chocolate icecream. I come ready to be amazed at childrens birthday parties! I just love it!

Mia wore the sweetest white springy outfit. She is just to cute! This is getting to the fun age where they understand what is going on and playing with them is really exciting. Oh, the baby fever!

This was by far the funnest gift she received. She had a ball with this electronic car! Oh my goodness she could not stop laughing and smiling. Of course she could not steer it yet, so she kept running into everything, which made her laugh even more. It was hysterical.


WOW! How can it be that I am so behind with blogging??? Sometimes life just sneaks up on you and blogging gets put to the wayside. So incredibly sorry.... hope you didn't loose to much sleep over this...I will pay for the doctor bills if necessary!

I titled this blog post Aged to Perfection for a reason. Life has been good to a certain man in my life. It was my dad's _ _th Birthday. He may not want me to fill in the blanks, so it will be a guessing game for all those who think that would be fun!

We wanted to do something special and fun for him since he has not had a surprise birthday before. This was not quite a surprise, but to him he just thought the immediate family was getting together at my house to eat hamburgers. Little did he know, Mom, Debbie and I got up at 4:30 a.m. to go blow up balloons at Wally World. They didn't know what hit them when we walsed through the doors to blow up balloons. "How many balloons!?" was the response we so warmly received. Let me just say that I didn't think 4:30 a.m. existed on the clock! Wow...I was dysfunctional the rest of the day.

We blew up the exact amount of balloons of how old he was and tied $5.00 bills to the end of all the balloons. How much fun right!! We put them all in my kitchen and what a surprise it was to him. Everyone came, family and friends, to celebrate a wonderful day...and what a great time we had. Dad was sooo excited and just smiled the whole time, which made us ecstatic that he had a special day that we all could celebrate with him.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Swirls of colors

Today was 82 degrees and absolutely, positively beautiful! So.. after much coxing... yeah right...Jamie talked me in to going to the lake for a few casts of fishing. I did not fish, but instead just enjoyed the slight breeze coming off the water and sitting with the sun on my face. aahhh, just remembering...
Loved, Loved, Loved the sunset when we were packing back up to head back in.
You really would just have to be there and that is all I can say!


My little, and I use that word lightly, pupster, has it made in the shade. The Comer genes are coming out in me, because if anyone knows my parents and how well their dogs are taken care of, I would say that Brodie may be following in that same path. He is spoiled to the core!! He loves laying right with you when you are on the couch. (short interjection...with a 55 lb. puppy with slightly dirty feet and a swadish cream color couch, it slightly does not mix as far as cleaning goes, so thus the hidious sheets thrown over the couch in a insane manor.)

I just wanted everyone else to see what goes on at our house on a nightly bases. If you could see my hand I am holding up 1 finger representing Brodie, and my other hand is spinning around it; thus Brodie and the world spinning around him :) Craziness I know, but this sweet craziness just works for us.

He is so lovable when you have just run him slap silly and he is simply exhausted where he tries so very hard to keep his eyes open just just can't seem to make it happen, making him the perfect cuddle buddy.

Just melt my heart

Sunday, March 8, 2009

"You are just growing like a weed!"

You know when you would see someone you haven't seen in forever they would come up to you and say " I remember when you were thiisss big!" "You have just grown up so much!" That is kinda what I think about my little munchkin now, well.. not so little anymore. sniff, sniff. Brodie, being Mr. Manors, just smiles and in his little brain of his is thinking, "I wish she would just give me a treat and just leave me alone." I finally got him to smile for the camera.

BEFORE: This is what just makes me melt and think of the good ol' days when we went to pick him up and he was only 5 lbs. AWWW....They just fly by.

This was right before his first bath. He looks pitiful and sleepy! He was sleepy, and then he came home and I became sleepy after waking up with him every two hours! Maybe I don't have baby fever anymore when I remember those months in our lives :)

AFTER: This is my little man all grown up and about 55 lbs. The quail hunting master, antelope jumping, stuffed animal loving, dirty sock addict, and dishtowel enthusiast. Brodie absolutely loves his daddy. He is not happy unless he is right in Jamie's lap when he naps on the couch. Preferably on his back with his legs being flung straight into the air after a hard day of running and playing.

Brodie is not just going for the title of best quail hunting dog, but most acrobatic German Shorthair Pointer. They are very talented you know and Brodie has almost mastered the art of the front somersault! People are going to pay good money to see him perform! Just Kidding!!! haha. This is their normal play mode and I have to say Jamie always wins.

"I did it dad!!!" Give me a high five!

I need to find something else to do with my time, dont I?? It is a sickness. If you saw the pitiful eyes he gives you when he is sleepy you would want to give up your first born for a chance to see him. It is heart wrenching and you want to start giving him everything his heart ever desired. A chicken flavored doggy bone, a dirty sock to shred into pieces, a stuffed quail to make squeak, or a comfortable place smack dab in the middle of Jamie and I as we sleep. Until then, I will continue to post pictures of my sweet, yet rambunctious, puppy.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Baby Fever

The Lord works in wonderfully creative ways!! I was beyond ecstatic when I found out that Angie, Bryan and the kiddos were coming back to Birmingham for the week! Angie had baby Samuel this past December and this was going to be the first time we were all able to see him and Charlie, Sam's big brother. So incredibly exciting. Charlie is now getting to that fun age, talking, playing, relating to you, and just wanting to snuggle with his blankie.

The absolute joys of motherhood. OH, baby fever.....oh the baby fever!!! WOW, did I say I have baby fever. When you see this little munchkin oh you just fall in love! But are able to give them back when they start crying....that is the joys of being an aunt!

Pictures like this make me fall in love with Jamie all over again. I just want to squeeze them oh so tight, and have tons of hugs and kisses, and more hugs, and kisses... OK. Back to reality. Oh how I love my handsome husband... but I love faces like this even more!

This is big brother Charlie...I wish the picture wasn't so blurry because when you see him you want to squeeze him even harder. The chubby cheeks and little chubby thighs just get me every time.

Much to our surprise, the forecast showed snow for the weekend. We all know how that goes..."oh, their wont be snow", "They just think it is going to snow." Well...Sunday morning came and SNOW was on the ground!!! YEAH!!! It was like a little kid at Christmas, getting your first red rider BB gun, new puppy, and getting to stay up late on a school night all rolled into one!!!

The lovely Miss Lacey. No matter the circumstances she ALWAYS looks cute. Love Love Love the camo and pink hat. Girly girl at heart.

When I say the Lord works in mysterious ways. What are the chances that Angie and Bryan and the kiddos would come to B'ham when Jamie and I were spending the night with the family and it snow! How much absolute, no questions asked, FUN did we have. I am so glad everyone was there together. It was no winter storm of 93, but hey, at least it stuck for a while and we could make snowmen.

I use the word Love to much, so I absolutely adore this picture for so many different reasons. This captures the essence of each child. Go figure it has to snow for me to capture the essence of my in law siblings. J/K. Jamie is the rugged manly man whom I love and adore for many reasons to long to list with his full head to toe camo attire, scruffy face, and carhart jeans; Lacey is the cute rugged outdoorsy girl that has a love for life and will try most anything, and can pull off an abundance of different outfits, cowboy boots with sundresses for instance, head to toe camo even with camo overalls and a cutesy pink toboggan...who would have thought; and last but certainly not least the oldest who has lived in CA, NY, and hopefully will come back to B'ham one day is just full of adventure and open for anything, with her multicolored toboggan on, stylish black jacket, and even has her pants tucked into her boots, which she totally pulled off. I just love this family! Me, I am just a mix of all 3 :)

After the snow slightly melted the rest of the Weldon side of the family came over to see the Davis family while they were in town. It made me think of Granddaddy Weldon and how he would was totally smiling down on us wishing he was here in the midst of all the fun! He would have loved every minute of the memories we were making. This is 4 generations sitting here---everyone together... awwww....

Really no words to describe this pictures. It just melts me.

What a weekend! Man I am exhausted just thinking about it. The only thing missing was my sweet little bundle of joy, Brodie. He got to visit with his grand puppy parents and they said he was like an antelope leaping through the snow. He loved it! Oh, so how I wish I was there to take pictures of him. Thanks mom and dad for taking good care of him while we were away!!