Saturday, August 29, 2009

I know I promised before that I was not going to give you a weekly update of baby Katelyn, but she is just to cute not put her on here for you all to see. And... furthermore, I don't have much else that is as entertaining in my life like having cute, adorable, slobbery child, or really grand things to tell everyone about, so, what better than a baby.

At any given moment I will just "pop" by to see Katelyn, tend to her progress as a new born, and make sure she loves her Aunt Courtney. :) It is a hard job, but someone has to do it!

Kathryn loves cute, adorable, slobbery children too. Almost too much. She is a natural. It has almost made me doubt my parenting skills. Well... my one day true parenting skills. I see Kathryn in her element at home and how she interacts with her babe, and when I go home to Brodie, there is just not quite the same feelings and love that is bestowed on my little 1 year old. Nope, just not the same. I will call it a work in progress. Definitely. Not saying that I don't love my medium sized ball of fur, but I feel the Lord is still working on me in the patience department. Patience is a virtue isn't it... maybe I should write it on my bathroom mirror..

I can hear my mom and dad now... I want one of these so I can cuddle with them and fill them with all kinds of sugar and send them back home with you, because, seriously, that are what grandparents are for. Right now, Brodie gets grandparent time when we drop him off in doggie day care at my parents house. Being brought into the life of a Comer dog is beyond doggie heaven. Brodie loves his grandparents and tells me so when I am trying to rock my 55 lb. 1 year old to sleep at night. When he crawls in your lap and looks at you with those sleepy eyes... well...tell me I am not a good parent already. The things I do.

Yup...I think right now I will just stick with seeing Katelyn as much as I want :) and snuggling with my ball of fur at home. What a life I lead-and a great one at that.

40 years

In every ones life there are milestones that have emotions and feelings that are all encompassing. Memories are meant to be made, laughter is supposed to be shared, and life is simply supposed to happen. There are few people in life that purposefully choose their life direction and not just let life haphazardly pass you by. This would be my Grandmother Sara. She is a woman who has lived a very blessed life, and has been purposeful about living her life.

As a young mother of two she needed a job and quickly! She went to Moore-Handley looking for work, and they told her their were no openings, but she would not take no for an answer. She went to where the boss man was eating lunch with some colleagues and told him she was not leaving without a job. She was hardworking and dedicated and he would be proud to have her on staff. Needless to say Sara Comer just had her retirement party after 40 years of service with the same company. My grandmother knows what she wants and goes after it! Dedication is definitely the correct word for her years of service.

This was a wonderful and memorable milestone in her life that definitely needed to be celebrated. Currently she is loving retired life and love playing cards and spending time with all her girl friends at the church. She deserves some time to relax in her pool when she wants to!

This is my Grandmother and her two proud children, Van and Debbie. Van is my dad! Handsome man I have to say.... Now you wondered where I got my steller looks from :)

Me, Paige and Mia.

You know when you have 4 cameras going at the same time and a 2 year old and everyone screaming your name...well this is the crazy family picture that we were able to snap. Memories non the less.

So, to my have blessed so many people at work, and I know that they will never forget your smiling face when they walked through that door.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is my generational family tree going down the line on my mothers side. Good lookin' women I have to say :) My grandmother came to spend some time with us and make us laugh with all her stories and funny antics. Sometimes you can just sit and listen to her talk for forever. She is one of the most proper women that I have ever met, so I have to be good and be on my P's and Q's when I am with her. Just a lovely woman, yes she is.

This is a woman of many talents, cooking being made an art form by her. She is a mother of 4, proud wife, infectious laugh, story telling, life loving, Arby's eating, proper stature yet loving to relax a little, plant growing, di hard Republican, and careing woman. Yup, that is my grandmother. She is one of a kind.

My dad was the only genius one in the whole group! I mean we were out smiling in the hot sweltering sun and he decides to just soak it up and relax for a while. I mean seriously, this is the life!

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Week 2

My little sweet babe down the street is two and a half weeks old! She already has such a cute personality and is just such a good baby. Of course, I can say that since I am only with her a short period of time everyday and not 24/7. Kathryn may tell you different, but regardless, she is a sweetheart.

I just love her lips! I promise it will not be a week by week update of baby Katelyn, but I just have to share because she is soooo adorable.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1 week.

Katelyn is 1 week old.
I bought her these bloomers and of course I had to take her photo in them. She is just as cute and precious and she may seem.


Katelyn Elizabeth is here!! 7lb. 12 oz. 20.5 in.

Congrats Michael and Kathryn! She is beautiful.

Truly a blessing from the Lord.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


***Let me make a HUGE disclaimer right now, my husband did not, and I do say not again, have anything to do with what you are about to see. For all real men with male dogs, or probably any dog of any kind, please just look away or go to another room because what you are about to see will make your eyes get big, and want to come rescue my poor animal from a womanizing household.***

My one and only Brodie turned the BIG 1 on Saturday and what better way to have a photo moment would be none other than to monogram him his very own birthday tee-shirt! I mean come on now... how can you not think this is just a fantastic idea... one of profound worth!

I looked for a camo tee-shirt, but could not find one in a childs size, or even a plain orange one would have worked, but none to be found. Sooo...white would make do with his name monogrammed with an appliqued 1 in camouflage fabric, and a must have puppy paw on the bottom. The only word that is coming to mind is.. cute.

Seriously, I told you to look away. Jamie is probably somewhere hiding, mortified at the site of his hunting dog with a shirt on--that is monogrammed!

Jamie did walk in on this little birthday photo session, and he said that I had "crossed the line" haha. So... he told me to at least cut off his sleeves and make it more manly. I just love my husband! Jamie called it his active wear. OMG! What if this becomes like Jamie's Sneaky Pete's cut off tee-shirt. Now I am mortified.

Brodie had enough by the end and layed down surrendering waving a white flag begging to take it off. So, I did, and gave his a huge bone for a treat.

Pitiful face. Aren't you glad you aren't a Higdon dog right now :)