Thursday, May 21, 2009

Boy Has Dream

One day I heard of this boy who dreamed and longed to have a cute furry puppy to be his best friend, companion, and life long boy bought dog.

He also dreamed of having a country boy family complete with an incredibly wonderful, energetic and lovable wife and now puppy to be complete...

Puppy grew up...FAST! Still lovable and very energetic though.

He also thought, how great would it be to take him hunting to be his he did!

And he did...

If you have a hunting and fishing dog, it is a must to have a dog that can play and fetch tennis balls...
so he taught him.

And at the end of the day, when the his wife would make a spread of a feast making his tummy full, he then would be able to cuddle up with his new furry companion and fall asleep and dream of many other wonderful things in life....

Then the boy actually woke up and figured out that the dream was actually reality.


Mine is...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weldon Fish Fry

Special women deserve special things.
It is all about Gurney (In a good way). This is the most incredible woman who just loves life and her family and it is so evident. Everyone should have to meet her at least once in their life!

My wonderful 2nd parents/in laws/ best friends :)

The two fisherman/brothers/twins separated at birth! Wow! Even their dogs are from the same litter. Shocking I know.. this post has no pictures of Sam or Brodie. Truly amazing! I am withholding and sitting on my hands trying not to click the download button. I thought I would give you guys a break. Gotta love em'

Ol' Zac and Lacey Kay

Next year we have to get a pictures of allll the cousins on the pier. So meant to do that this year. We have so many new additions and need some updating!

I did not partake in the football/mudslide festivities after the monsoon came, but I did have a blast watching them almost face plant several times in the mud. Almost wish someone would have done down right in front of me. It would have made a great picture!! haha. Isn't that sad that I think in those terms of what would make fun photos. Maybe we will have to just make that happen next time.

Never a dull moment in this family. A little rain never hurt anyone-just makes it easier when you grab a bar of soap and go outside to wash off. Sad, but true! River Rats at heart!
To see all the fun festivities click here

Boys Will Be Boys...

OK...I was going to do a whole post on the the "Weldon Fish Fry" but after looking over all the pictures I had to do a post on my incredibly cute little cousins! These boys do nothing but smile, laugh, play, and be BOYS! I just loved their rambunctious and fearless spirit.



Jamie's boat was definitely a hit with the boys. Sooo many knobs to twist and turn and pull and mash..I mean it was just a huge playground of endless possibilities! Dont tell Jamie... the boat might go in reverse when he cranks it up again. haha.

Being boys, rain was just more of an incentive to play and play and get wet and roll in the mud. It definitely worked. Glad Alicia brought a change of clothes.

Splash it up baby! Life is an endless playground!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The cute, rambunctious, long legged, hyper, swim lover, towel fetish having, one and only...
Brodie Higdon

Now this just down right cracked me up!! I think I had a bone in my hand or maybe a dish towel to get that look! "What!?, ME!?, NO!"

The BIG 28

The man of the Higdon household had a special day on Tuesday
It was the "BIG 28"!
My handsome fisherman spent the weekend fishing, relaxing, and eating Reeses Blizzard Ice Cream Cake! It was incredibly fabulous.

It would not have been the same without Brodie and Sam together to help celebrate Jamie's big day.

I LOVE birthday's!! Especially for hubby! Happy Birthday Baby!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Moderately Funny??

I was looking over some old pictures I had taken over a year ago and ran across these. I have no idea why I find this so amusing, but I do. I can't help it, but I just snicker to myself. Maybe it is because I think of the Chick-Fil-A commercial when I see this. Only this is a goat and not a cow, but none the less it makes me laugh. And...I think that we all could use a good laugh every once in a while.

This little fellow crack me up too. Only a face a mother could love!

I just want to hug and squeeze this little baby. He just frolicked and played while I was taking his photo. Is there something horribly wrong with me that I think these crazy thoughts?? Probably so!

This bad mama jamma ruled the roost, dominated the field, took charge, with his old billy goat gruff looking self. Makes you think he lives under a bridge like the nursery rhyme says. I would be scared of that long white thing hanging off my chin too!

Always up for a good laugh!