Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Care??

                  Doggie Day Care to be exact.
                    ~The Three Musketeers~  

             pure bliss.  curiosity.  crazy anxiety. 

Brodie. Mr. High Anxiety himself. Loves to retrieve a tennis ball, barks at anything that slightly moves, points at random squirrels, and tries to catch any fluffy cats that come in the backyard.

Princess Miley. Ms. Diva. Prissy and sassy.
Loves anything to do with water especially swimming in the pool, loves loves to eat, and has her way with driving the boys crazy.

Sam. The calm and collected one that tends to entertain himself with chewing plastic cups and large bones, chasing tennis balls, and occasionally joins in with the other twos crazy doggy antics

There is just so much to do at Doggie Day Care. Chew up the grill cover into little tiny pieces, fall into the pool with the cover still on, dig up each and every plant in the backyard, chew the new cushions on the back deck, take turns diving into the baby pool full of water, run in circles around the pool, sun themselves, roll in the dirt right after it rains, have snack time, and terrorize the cats.

Each has their own personality, and mischief is constantly the word of the day.  Gotta love those little muts of ours.

 Everyday is a crazy day, but a good day!

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