Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peace Like a River

I know I have mentioned having the baby fever...
It is serious...very serious
I think I may need to talk to Jamie
Yeah...for sure. 

Courtney:  "Jamie, I think Brodie needs a sibling to play with and love on and spend all his time laying on top of to give my ribs a break from being smooshed.  What do you think?"

Jamie: "Is that right? What kind of German Shorthair puppy would you like? A male or female?? I hear the females are really loving. Brodie would be ecstatic!"

Courtney:  " a for real live baby, that cries, and poops, and sleeps alot.

 Jamie:  "Have you seen Rivers lately... she is really cute and sweet and loving... you may need to call Christina."

Courtney:  "For serious!"

Jamie:  "Can they wear camo and pink if it is a girl, and go hunting and fishing, and can Brodie sleep in their bed when they get older??

Courtney:  "YES, that way Brodie doesn't sleep on me!!!"  "See, all of our problems are solved!"

Whew~glad we got that settled!


Karol Ann said...

Oh do I know about baby fever! ha ha. These pictures are beautiful! David's daughter is gorgeous!

Shannon said...

I have baby fever too!! It is bad!

Gina said...

Baby fever is the strongest fever I've ever had. Good thing I had it or you wouldn't have Jamie.

Angie Davis said...

these are great! praying you get over that fever soon ;)